#PRFilter: Twitter cheating, all caps on Facebook, and Xmas tags

Here’s what’s interesting this month as seen through my #PRFilter.

First off, I’ve noticed more people than ever cheating on Twitter. Taking a screenshot of a few sentences or even a paragraph and attaching it to your tweet so you can say more, is just pure, utter laziness. Respect the tool and use it how it’s intended. Remember, a key message shouldn’t take more than 140 characters anyways! And, with Twitter twisting anyway it can to be as likable as Instagram and SnapChat, “photo and GIF attachments do not count towards the 140 character limit in a Tweet.” So you have all the room you need to say something intelligent. Read more…

Pitching Etiquette for PR Pros

So, you’ve done the research, brainstormed ideas and worked away to create a newsworthy story, hoping to captivate and inspire your audience. Now comes the time to contact the media and send them the perfect pitch in hopes to get some exciting buzz.

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Why PR isn’t just a career. It’s a Lifestyle

Working in PR is not like your typical office job meaning you start your job at 9 am and end at 5 pm. With the evolution of technology and the digital social media channels, PR executives have to constantly be on their social media game 24/7 creating valuable content, communicating with others, establishing a brand and voice, promoting their clients and self-promotion. It’s most common that one ends up living and breathing their PR job from when they wake up to when they fall asleep. It involves a lot of time, dedication, planning and organizing! It can be challenging but the rewards of the hard work pays off in the end. Read more…

How to Launch a Career in Beauty Public Relations

So you are a PR/marketing prodigy with a love for the beauty industry looking to mix business with pleasure—but where do you even start? Is a career in this magical industry even achievable? The answer is yes with these simple tips you will be a beauty PR visionary in no time! Read more…