Women in Public Relations Partners with Ragan Communications On Upcoming Events

Women in Public Relations is pleased to support Ragan Communication’s upcoming conference programs in Chicago, Washington, DC, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, New York and Portland, Oregon.

Smart PR pros are always looking to grow their skills—without spending a fortune.

That’s why the Women in Public Relations is partnering with Ragan Communications to offer you a special discount on six upcoming events. Ragan’s conferences are legendary throughout the corporate communications profession. Attracting communicators from all over the globe, conference attendees gain immediate access to the leading communicators, their best practices and rich networking opportunities with fellow practitioners.

ragan communications logoLearn the latest industry trends from communications experts at the following conferences:

1. Best Practices in Internal Communications and Culture Conference
March 6-8, 2018, Chicago –Register here to save $250

The cost of a disengaged and uninformed workforce is rising rapidly. Unfortunately, your time and budget aren’t growing as quickly. What’s an internal communicator to do?

2. Speechwriters and Executive Communicators Conference
Mar 7-9, 2018, Washington, DC –Register here to save $250

Walk away inspired, informed and ready to take on any assignment after you learn from your peers in government, corporate, university and nonprofit organizations.

3. Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications at Disney World
March 14-16, 2018, Lake Buena Vista, Florida –Register here to save $250

As the digital landscape becomes more crowded and audience attention spans shrink, how can you stand out online? At this conference you’ll learn how to craft content that sizzles across platforms, best practices for boosting consumer engagement and excitement, tactics to embrace social media trends and insights on how you can balance social media changes with an ever-growing list of PR, internal communications and marketing responsibilities. 


4. PR & Media Relations Conference
April 3-5, 2018, New York –Register here to save $250

Today’s communicator wears multiple hats. While watching your organization’s or client’s reputation, you also secure media coverage, boost social media engagement, identify current trends, sidestep crises and take advantage of savvy PR practices.

Get ready to sharpen your skill set and integrate new best practices to revive tired PR strategies. At this conference, you’ll learn how to properly pitch journalists and get your brand story told, gain tips for crafting engaging copy and content, find out how to prepare for any crisis and much more.

5. Visual Communications and Infographics Conference
April 18-20, 2018, Portland, Oregon –Register here to save $250

Visual content is the most effective way to deliver powerful messages to your employees and customers. Ragan’s Visual and Video Communications Summit will teach PR and internal communications professionals how to create infographics, images and videos that “wow,” even on a shoestring budget. Learn how to connect with all your audiences through visual storytelling that stands out from the content clutter on social media, your intranet and the web.

6. Crisis Communications Conference
May 8-9, 2018, Washington, D.C. –Register here to save $150

Crises are inevitable. Nearly 70 percent of organizations have experienced a crisis in the past four years, according to PwC—yet only 10 percent say they’re prepared for one. This is one event you can’t afford to miss if you want to protect your organization’s reputation, customers, employees and bottom line at crunch time.

Get the skills you need to advance as a PR pro in 2018 and beyond. Save your spot at one of these can’t-miss events today and lock in your exclusive discount from Women in PR!

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Membership is open to individuals and firms who work in the field of public relations and is also extended to both women and men working in communications, media, marketing and advertising. Join Women in PR North America in our private Facebook and LinkedIn groups to connect with women in your field before and after the conference sessions.