Women in PR Podcast and Companion Book Now Available

Launched as a podcast hosted by Prof. Dr. Ana Adi, Professor of Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences, featuring interviews with practitioners and academics on topics ranging from missing voices in PR history to well-being of PR professionals and access to the C-suite, Women in PR has now a written companion.

The book provides research updates and practitioners reflections including a series of solutions and guidelines to the problems communicators face: revisiting how and what we teach about PR, considering how we recruit and how we envisage career journeys and progression, and bring ethics, diversity to the center of the conversation by challenging the status quo if it needs be.

The Book

This reader celebrates the diversity (of origin, practice, language, thinking) through the diversity of our contributors and the unity that technology provides. 16 chapters, 4 continents, more than 10 countries. Moreover, the research presented here is as important as the personal experiences of our contributors, many of whom, you will find, having both studied and worked in the field.

With contributions from Melike Aktaş, Quadriga alumna Jenifer Boughey, Amelia Reigstad, Liz Yeomans, Talia Beckett Davis, Amanda Holdsworth, Carolina A. Carbone and Luz Canella Tsuji, Begüm Ekmekçigil Türkmen, Sia Papageorgiou, Ramona Slusarczyk and Amal Dib, Sian Rees, Zora Artis, Kerry Sheehan, Amanda Coleman, Mike Klein, Raffaela Gmeiner and Olga Kolokytha.

The Podcast

Launched in 2019, first round of #WomenInPR featured ten episodes. Check out all episodes including the talks with Quadriga alumni Ildiko Kovacs, Alina Damaschin, and Irina Guschina.

A second series is planned for the end of 2020.

Download your copy here.