Women in PR Canada Launches Third Canadian Chapter in Toronto

Following the success of the Vancouver and Calgary Chapter launches of the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations (Women in PR Canada), the organization celebrated its third Canadian city launch in Toronto on April 272017. The event was hosted at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts and connected Toronto PR industry professionals who had the opportunity to learn from fellow leaders on what’s next for women in Canada’s PR Industry.

Women in PR Canada President Talia Davis noted the Toronto launch to be a significant milestone. “Tonight, is nothing short of amazing,” Davis said during her opening remarks. She emphasized the theme of the night; it’s all about networking. “If you don’t network, you don’t exist.” She also announced the launch of the organization’s new Women in PR North America job board.

Talia Davis _ Empress Avenue
Speakers included: Chitra Anand, Doctoral Researcher and Professor; Scott Evans, General Manager, Edelman Toronto; Christine Faulhaber, President & CEO, Faulhaber Communications; Daniela Kelloway, Founder and CEO, ClutchPR; Bunmi Adeoye, Vice-President at NKPR Inc. The event was moderated by Vanessa Morcom, Owner and Publicist, Morcom Media; PR Lead, ME to WE.

Keynote speaker, Christine Faulhaber, President & CEO of Faulhaber Communications, discussed what it means to be a team champion in the PR profession, and what it takes (transparency and immediacy are just some of the examples).

“We’re only as good as our team,” said Faulhaber. “The team is an extension of ourselves; inspire your team, give them reason to get out of bed. They want to matter and they want your feedback.”

Chitra Anand, Doctoral Researcher, Professor, Innovation & Cultural Change Keynote Speaker, inspired the audience by challenging them with three things: be the narrative you want to be; don’t give up personal power in time of adversity or difficult moments, and lead your business through a problem-solving mindset.

Scott Evans, General Manager of Edelman Toronto, offered up a male perspective on the direction of the PR industry and women’s roles in it, noting that “ambition and success and the path to it looks different for women.” He highlighted how to foster female leaders and the importance of sisterhood by touching upon his own experiences with the women in his life.

Continuing with the topic of the future of the PR profession, Daniela Kelloway, Founder and CEO of ClutchPR, explained the importance of going back to the basics. “Media is dying, social media and influencers are becoming our new celebrities,” says Kelloway. She emphasized the importance of creating and curating the experience for our clients.

A discussion about public relations is hardly one without the mention of crisis management. Bunmi Adeoye, the last speaker of the night and Vice-President of NKPR Inc., discussed the recent media mishaps surrounding the Pepsi and Kendall Jenner fiasco. “We have the power to shape the conversation”, says Adeoye. She explains that while we must speak up, we also have to listen.

Moderator, Vanessa Morcom, Owner and Publicist, Morcom Media; PR Lead, ME to WE, closed the evening by recapping the themes of the night: always network, share your knowledge and foster sisterhood.

The Toronto Chapter will have regular events online and offline. Through student, individual and corporate subscriptions, members have access to online courses, resources, case studies and networking opportunities. Memberships are reciprocal across Canada and the USA.


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