Introducing New National Organization American Women in Public Relations

New National Organization American Women in Public Relations (Women in PR USA™) Launches to Advance Women in the PR Profession across North America

Official Celebration to be held March 2017 in New York City Read more…

Awards: Winning PR Approach for Your Business

Awards. There are the Tonys, the Emmys, and of course, the big one, the Academy Awards. Those in the entertainment business understand the importance of awards to their success. Win an Oscar, and you’re forever in an elite group.

But what about those of us in the business world? Couldn’t we benefit from some award wins, too? The answer is—yes. If you’ve never considered awards for your business, product, service or employees, maybe it’s time to start. Read more…

Woman in PR: Michelle Messenger Garrett, Garrett Public Relations

Michelle Messenger Garrett, is a results-driven PR consultant, strategist and award-winning writer with more than 20 years of experience working with companies ranging in size from start-ups to large corporations such as HP, Adobe and Symantec. After spending seven years in Silicon Valley, she returned to her roots in Ohio where she leads her own consulting practice, specializing in media outreach and writing for companies who want to get noticed, especially those in the tech, B2B, manufacturing and industrial vertical markets.

Michelle has worked with clients around the world, placing hundreds of stories in publications such as USA Today, Forbes and Inc., and securing client appearances on TV news outlets including 60 Minutes and the ABC Evening News. Michelle’s articles have been featured in Entrepreneur, Ragan’s PR Daily, CIO, Muck Rack, SheKnows, AllBusiness and Small Businesses Do It Better. She is also a contributing writer for the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations. Read more…

What to Include in Your Virtual Press Kit

What goes in a press kit? As I often work with startups or small businesses doing PR from the ground up, I’m sometimes asked what goes in an online press kit or media/news room, as it’s sometimes called.

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A Funny Thing Happens Without PR — Nothing!

PT Barnum was the ultimate showman. A wildly successful promoter, he was able to draw crowds to his attractions and became known for “The Greatest Show on Earth,” which we know today as the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. His ability to transform commercial entertainment through the art of publicity is an example we can still learn from today. Read more…

Why PR pros should join professional industry organizations

PR veterans can tell you that having a strong network is a crucial element of your career.

As a long-time PR consultant, I’m often asked how I’ve managed to stay independent over the years. I’ve never done traditional advertising for my business. Instead, one of the most effective ways I uncover new opportunities is networking. Read more…